RAK Day is coming up!

Megan FBMonday┬áSeptember 1st is New Zealand’s Random Acts of Kindness Day. And this year we celebrate 10 years (yes TEN YEARS!) that NZ has been the only country in the world to celebrate a national RAK Day!

On here you’ll find ideas to get you started, a bit about why on earth we started this day in NZ, and some free downloadable resources to print out little ‘You’ve been RAK’d’ cards and give them out with your own random act.

I’d love to hear your comments, your stories of great RAKs you’re planning or what you’ve seen done before to inspire others, so please have a look around and come and join us on Facebook and Twitter too to be part of the RAK community!

Cheers, Megan x

2 thoughts on “RAK Day is coming up!

  1. I am Sening an email NOW to my teacher, my friends and family, just to be nice.
    Also im trying to get my Mom (who ironicly, is also named Megan) to help me make some cake/muffins/slice

  2. I came to know about NZ RAK DAY only yesterday through East n’ Bays Courier. I was so thrilled to know that something like this is there in NZ. I am a person who had been implementing ‘RAK ideas’ from around aged 10 in a significant way. These ideas can surely change parents, kids, families, friends, societies, nations and the world. I have done it in Sri Lanka. Now I am in NZ for 15 months. I love this country. This is one of the most blessed countries in the world. RAK ideas can make this lovely country truly awesome. Congratulations ! for all the hard work for the past 9 years.
    Josh de Jong, Marshall Gray and everyone else………………….you are so great.

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