The diary of a RAKer!

Woke up. It’s September 1st. That means ONE THING: it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Bound out of bed and begin my RAKs…

  1. Put the neighbour’s wheelie out
  2. Put toothpaste on my partner’s brush
  3. Make scones to take to office
  4. Wind bathroom scales back for partner
  5. Sort through my wardrobe and donate clothes to City Mission
  6. Let someone into traffic (!) Yes, really
  7. Stopped on a red
  8. Paid for the coffee of the person behind me
  9. Emailed my boss to say how great it is to work for him
  10. Told the receptionist she looks thin
  11. Gave the receptionist a scone
  12. Gave someone an extra month to pay their bill
  13. Rang mum at lunchtime just to say hi
  14. Thanked the IT department for sorting out the issues
  15. Bought IT department Red Bulls
  16. Got pizza delivered to the local fire station
  17. Put an encouraging note on a car windscreen
  18. Bought flowers to take home after work
  19. Stayed at work until 5.10
  20. Rang mum back because she was engaged at lunchtime

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