How to RAK in lockdown!

Random Acts of Kindness have probably never been more important, yet have never been harder to do, than when your city is in a lockdown.

Whether you’re in the full Level 4 and can’t even get takeaways delivered to someone, or in a variation of lockdowns which maybe means no school, working from home, no shops are open, we have been brainstorming little random acts of kindness that are doable.

We’re calling them Iso-RAKs!

Toys in windows for children to spot on their iso-walks

Here are 18 things you can do for others during lockdowns

• Chalk positive, happy messages around your neighbourhood
• Organise FaceTime or Zoom happy hour drinks with friends to check in on each other
• Play online Scrabble with friends also stuck at home
• Offer to shop for neighbours who are finding it hard to get out
• Hey kids, cook dinner tonight for the family
• Send pizzas or a lunch delivery to your friends who are essential workers
• Order groceries online and have them delivered to a friend/neighbour/your mum
• Phone your mum!
• Phone or FaceTime a friend or relative who lives alone and brighten their day
• Make little gifts like jams, fudge, pot up some plant cuttings – to give away as soon as protocols allow
• Pick up rubbish on your neighbourhood walks
• Mow the neighbour’s berm
• Write an actual letter, on lovely paper, for posting
• Make a video of yourself reading a story and send it to the grandkids
• Adopt an SPCA pet
• Depending on your level of lockdown, if your neighbours are essential workers, offer to walk their dog
• Offer your help to a local charity or essential service who are probably crazy-busy
• Sort out clothes and household items for donating (and you get to declutter at the same time!)