The diary of a RAKer!

It’s September 1st. That means ONE THING: it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Bound out of bed and begin my RAKs…

  • Put the neighbour’s wheelie bin out
  • Put toothpaste on my partner’s brush
  • Make scones to take to office
  • Wind bathroom scales back for flat mate
She’ll be stoked!
  • Sort through my wardrobe and donate clothes to City Mission
  • Let someone into traffic (!) Yes, really
  • Stopped on an orange light (!)
  • Paid for the coffee of the person behind me in the cafe
  • Emailed my boss to say how great it is to work here
  • Told the receptionist she looks amazing this morning
  • Gave the receptionist a scone
  • Gave someone an extra month to pay their bill
  • Rang mum at lunchtime just to say hi
  • Thanked the IT department for always sorting out my issues
  • Bought IT department Red Bulls
  • Got pizza delivered to the local fire station
  • Put an encouraging note on a car windscreen
  • Bought flowers to take home after work
  • Stayed at work until 5.10 and didn’t charge overtime
  • Rang mum back because she was engaged at lunchtime
  • Phew, time for a glass of wine!