Happy school kids

Ideas for schools

Here are some great ideas to get you started at school:

For students

  • Ask your teacher if you can clean up around the school, ask another class to join your efforts.
  • Eat lunch with someone who is new or sitting alone, or invite him or her to your table.
  • Talk to a student you’ve never talked to before.
  • Organise your whole class to bring flowers or chocolates to school to surprise your teacher!
  • Bake a cake or biscuits for another class/take home to parents/office staff.
  • Make cards or notes for people you appreciate around your school i.e caretaker/teachers/teacher aides/office staff/friends.
  • Give some flowers or make some origami flowers to give to someone.
  • Make soup or hot drinks and a stall and give them out before school/morning tea or lunch.
  • Go to a retirement home and sing to the elderly.
  • Organise a shared lunch with another class or group of friends.


For teachers

  • Brainstorm ideas with your students, discuss some that you think would be achievable and would interest your students.
  • Study kind people in history. Then have students illustrate the kind works of these people and discuss them in class.
  • Ask students to perform a Random Act of Kindness for a stranger and then write an essay describing the experience — how it made them feel and the reaction of the recipient.
  • Encourage the children to do one nice thing every day, like give a hug, lend a pencil, or play with someone new, do chores at home without complaining.
  • Contact community people who are actively promoting kindness, and request that they visit your school for classroom discussions or an assembly.
  • Take pictures and preserve some samples of your activities, share your project and photos with others.
  • Locate various quotes about kindness. Put them up around the room and discuss what they mean.
  • Encourage your students to take RAK Day beyond the borders of our country – brainstorm fundraising ideas for  (ie. mufti-day, or a lunch-time concert) and use the money to collectively RAK a family  through World Vision or another charity.
Happy school kids

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