Thanks so much guys, this is a really great idea. Today I made truffles for everyone at work (at the university of Waikato) and someone else left chocolates in all of our mail pigeon holes. This is great fun! Such a good idea. – Hannah Brett

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the idea of a national day. I have been a long term foster parent and have spent many years raising other peoples children. One of my most rewarding children, Reuben, was terminally ill, he died months after coming to live with me. He was a day off 2. He taught us all so much and the 1st of September has 4 the last 11 years been a deeply sad day for me, but this year i will go into it, thinking of him, carrying on my philosophy of doing and caring for others, spread the word of RAK to my networds, but I will do it in memory of a sweet wee man who never harmed anyone, brought love to the world and shared it with all whom he met, and who sadly wasn’t destined to be here along time, thanks – Karyn

What a nice surpise to have been RAK’d in our office today today with chocolates …. great idea and it makes a change from the agro we are normally having to deal with daily! – Jill

As our RAK, the girls took a mixture of wrapped roses and gerberas to the streets of Papakura and handed them out with a smile. They enjoyed themselves and have been on a high all afternoon – Irene Bickerton

Hey. Just wanted to say that this is the best idea I’ve heard in ages. I love the flow on effect it has too. One person we know mentioned having a bunch of hooded young people come up to her door, ring the doorbell and run away. upon going to the door to yell at them she found a huge grocery hamper with these RAK cards sitting in it. And this was in February! The young children where I currently live asked what they could do so this year, so we are buying lots of little chocolate bars and cellotaping RAK cards to them for them to give to all there teachers and to the disabled persons hostel, just up from us. They’re already excited. Love it, thanks heaps. – Maria Moretti

HI: GREAT idea and I so support this ! This is something I aim to do EVERYDAY and not just one day of the year, having known deeper inside me this is not only what I needed to ‘give out’ each day, but there are so many millions of people in all kinds of situations for whom a simple act of acknowledgement or gratitude would make a HEAP of difference, AND RIPPLE OUT in ways we could never know! …Many thanks again, in gratitude for doing what YOU are doing in appreciating others, FOR NO OTHER GOOD REASON BUT THAT WE CAN !!!!! – Martin Gray

Awesome idea. I will make some fudge and take it in to work, because Mondays can be very busy on the help desk where I work, and we all need a little bit of sugar! I will also put some in the freezer for a friend of mine whose man starts chemo in a couple of weeks, so that when it’s a cold and rainy day, and he’s in hospital, she can mull everything over with wine and chocolate fudge. – Julie Kitchen

I have just finished making biscuits with my 8 year old to take to school tomorrow. We will make some muffins in the morning for her to take for her teachers. Great idea – thanks for starting it. Hope you have random of kindness acts bestowed upon you also. – Sharon


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  1. Molly is going to visit someone in hospital. Jasher will pick some flowers for his nana. Taylin is going to clean a friends car. Jorjah will Make a friend a card. Erika is going to make her mums bed. Dallas is going to clean up someone’s desk. Shaiann is going to give away baking. Kayley is going to pick up rubbish at school.

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