30 fun RAK Ideas!

The possibilities are endless, as Random Acts of Kindness Day is not about spending huge amounts of money, but about surprising people with a little act of kindness.

Here are some ideas to get your grey matter churning…

  • Pay for an extra coffee and ask the barista to give to the next person who comes in
  • Put a nice note inside a library book when you return it
  • Pick flowers from your garden and take to your teacher
  • Paint rocks and leave them around your neighbourhood
  • Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog
  • Deliver spring bulbs to your neighbours’ letterboxes to plant in all the berms
  • Pay a stranger a compliment – you just don’t know what they’re going through
  • Leave an encouraging note in your neighbour’s letterbox
  • Send a nice text to someone
  • Put a flower on a car windscreen with one of our free printable “You’ve Been RAK’d” cards (downloadable)
  • Get a pizza delivered to the local hospital staff, fire station, police station, or school staff room for lunch
  • Make breakfast in bed for your mate
Breakfast in bed
Or a cup of tea and toast will do! Pic Toa Heftiba/Unsplash
  • Take a cake to work
  • Give an employee an extra hour for lunch
  • Let a car into the traffic ahead of you (go on!)
  • Wash your mum’s car
  • Mow the neighbour’s berm
  • Bring your neighbour’s bins in on rubbish day
  • Cook dinner for a family in your street
  • Take a box of chocolates to neighbours you haven’t met yet and introduce yourself
  • Give your parking display ticket to the person pulling in behind you
  • Pay the bus fare for the passenger behind you
Sad man on bus
Because you never know what another person is going through. Pic Lily Banse/Unsplash
  • Visit your local retirement village and spend time talking with a resident
  • Take your school class to a retirement village and sing to them
  • Babysit for your friends so they can have a night out
  • Send a bag of groceries to a young family
  • Donate clothes to charity
  • Write something kind on people’s social media pages
  • Be generous with your Likes on Facebook
  • Pick up litter around your neighbourhood
Picking up rubbish
Our co-founder Megan picking up rubbish on her morning walk

2 thoughts on “30 fun RAK Ideas!

  1. I try to come up with fun ideas to add each year. Ones that don’t cost anything – or much anyway! Have fun x

  2. some FABULOUS ideas in there. Thanks. I will lift my game, but, not just for the day, as I think I’m fairly good at RAK’s… I’m a giver not a ‘taker’.

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