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The RAK Foundation enables Random Acts of Kindness to continue throughout the year. People receive an Act of Kindness from the Foundation who have a need or who just deserve a thank you for going above and beyond to help someone else.

The principle is that those who give to the Foundation continue to be a part of every future Foundation RAK without decreasing the value of the initial investment because every dollar given to the Foundation remains within the charity and only the interest is used to RAK people.  Thus every contributed dollar continues to work forever!

if you give $10 to the Foundation today, the money remains in the Foundation and in 10 years time that $10 is still continuing to provide funds to help RAK people or organisations.


Imagine if 1000 people gave $1000?
$1,000,000 invested at a 10% return will annually allow $70,000 to be given away; allowing an amazing $760,000 to be given away in only 10 years with a remaining Foundation fund of $1,220,000! (excluding any additional funds received during the 10 year period).

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